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My name is Yvonne and I'm an Austin-based artist who draws an autobio comic called Truestoryvonne, which feature cute silly snippets of my life with 2 cats and a baby - all true stories!

I also make zines and stickers based on my comics and exhibit them at Texas-area zine festivals and markets. 

Truestoryvonne started in 2013 back when I was living in New York City, inspired to document snippets of my life through comics as a creative outlet. Subjects ranged from my cats, my office job, observations of the environment, cats, my partner, cats, and more cats. Since then my life has changed a lot - I moved back to my home state of Texas, started a family, gone through a lot of changes, but I'm still all about my fur babies (and real baby now too).

Feel free to email me at

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