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I've created zines based on some of my comics. My first zines debuted in Lone Star Zine Fest 2019 and STAPLE! 2019. I expect to continue exhibiting in local zine fests and markets to come.

No online shop at the moment, but if you're interesting in purchasing a zine, feel free to message me via email or social media, and we'll work something out!


Truestoryvonne: City Life, Cat Life 

A comic collection about a 20-something year old cat lady who just moved to New York City and is simply trying to get by.


First printed 2019. Comics from 2013-2015.

Adventures of a Regular (not crazy) Cat Lady

A collection of cat moments from the perspective of a totally not crazy cat lady.

First printed 2019. Comics from 2016-2019.

cat lady zine for website.jpg
2022-10-30 15.28.26 roid rock cropped.jpg

The Story of "Roid Rock"

A short zine about the time Rocket the cat had to go on steroids. (View full comic online here.)


First printed 2022. Written 2020.

Just a Little Baby!

First time parenting adventures for a cat lady. What could go wrong?

First printed 2022. Comics from 2021-2022.

baby zine for website.jpg
zine-txbaby for website.jpg

A Real Texas Baby!

A fun little zine about what it's like to be born a true Texan.


Written and first printed in 2023.

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