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Postpartum Depression

I was experiencing postpartum depression during my first few weeks of baby. So much of my preparation was focused on the baby and the physical side, that I didn't really prepare for the mental health aspects. I thought it would be all warm and fuzzies...but instead I got overwhelmed into a dark place.

I'm much much better nowadays - I got medical help and antidepressants, I have an insanely caring and supportive husband, and I've been slowly adjusting to my new normal of parenthood (on top of the new normal of pandemic life).

Just wanted to draw this in an attempt to capture how it felt for me and help break the hush and stigma around PPD, though I admit it took me weeks to find the willpower and courage to share this. 1 in 7 moms get PPD (more common than I thought!), and everyone's symptoms varies. Shoutout to all the moms out there - it's tough work, depression or not.


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